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Soho Estates builds eight affordable homes on historic Greek Street

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Soho Estates has developed eight contemporary two-bedroom apartments set in historic Greek Street in collaboration with Soho Housing as part of the Ilona Rose House development.

Each flat offers a modern living and dining area, a separate kitchen and access to private outdoor space, and has been constructed with high-quality fittings and fixtures. The properties range in size from 72sqm to 84sqm and are accompanied by an accessible lift, bicycle storage and a secure access system.

Environmental sustainability, a key feature of Soho Housing’s development standards, also sits at the heart of the project. The development will be highly energy efficient and in accordance with the latest ESG criteria. Key measures include an air-sourced heating system to ensure that energy is not supplied through fossil fuel burning in any part of the building.

Alongside these affordable urban homes, the state-of-the-art development brings a host of commercial opportunities to the heart of London. These include a new bar and nightclub and businesses such as Warner Bros. and Soho Estates occupying new office space. An outdoor seating area will also be located in the courtyard, accompanied by additional food and beverage outlets.

Now the project is complete, all eight homes will be let at sub-market intermediate rent to ensure affordability for local working people. Soho Housing is partnering with Pinnacle Letting agents to select tenants who meet these criteria.

The properties play a key role in Soho Housing’s development strategy, which aims to create more affordable homes in central London to ensure greater numbers can live in the heart of the capital and sustain the area as a vibrant and diverse residential community.

Commenting on the news, Barbara Brownlee, CEO of Soho Housing, said: "Our new properties on Greek Street speak to the core of Soho Housing’s mission since the 1970s: to provide affordable homes that allow people to live in the heart of London.”

“The development brings top-quality but attainable homes to Soho and, with the range of new places to eat, drink and work, it will create a real sense of urban community. As we all emerge from the pandemic, this has arguably never been more important.

“At Soho Housing, we are firm believers that social and affordable housing have a pivotal role to play in urban regeneration post Covid-19. We’re therefore delighted to see our new Greek Street homes embody this vision.”

John James, Managing Director of Soho Estates, said: “Soho Estates’ ambition at the start of this project was to deliver the finest affordable homes in Soho and we certainly feel that we have achieved this. We’re proud to be working with Soho Housing in creating a benchmark for quality and liveability for future affordable homes in Soho.”

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