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Soho Live Music Club presents a limited series at the Boulevard

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This Autumn, Soho Live Music Club will have a residency at the Boulevard. Soho Live will host a series of live music events from September through to May 2023. In an immersive ticketed live music jazz adventure across two floors of the Boulevard, guests will start in “The Shed” where the existing bar/restaurant is. The Shed will host London's best jam night, with a rolling programme of artists throughout accompanied by delicious small plates and cocktails.

Photography: Tom Lee

‘Woodshedding' is a musician's term that refers to practising until they get it 'spot on’. Here, artists can work on new materials, collaborate, and perform specially curated one-off shows in front of audience members.

Guests can then head into the Auditorium of the Boulevard for the Main Events. With cabaret-style seating and table cocktail service during the performance, the auditorium will host the top jazz talent from London and beyond. Each evening a different featured artist will perform. The Late Lounge hosted by some of the Soho Live All Stars will follow, with stars popping up throughout the night for cameo performances.

Fawn James, Director, Soho Estates said “it has been such a shame that the Boulevard closed at the beginning of the pandemic and I am delighted that we can open the doors again. The building will continue to thrive, and what better way than through live music? The venue was designed to support the creative industries and the arts and I can't wait to see what Soho Live will bring.”

George Hudson, Director, and Producer, Soho Live said “I am delighted to announce that the Boulevard will be hosting Soho Live events. The Boulevard is designed to a world-class standard. The artists are so impressed by the space and the acoustics. The space lends itself to being a live music venue perfectly. There’s so much talent in Soho and we are delighted to give resident artists a bigger stage and expose them to a wider audience.’

About Soho Live Music Club In 2015 the team at The Piano Bar Soho started a mission to bring about a “New Jazz Age” in Soho. Seven years on and after starting a festival, opening recording studios, launching numerous jazz albums and careers from their townhouse off of Soho Square, the Boulevard offers the perfect opportunity to showcase to the world the best jazz musicians and associated genres.

Soho Live Music Club is a diverse music ecosystem, providing not just live performance opportunities but artist and production development leading to releases, sync placements, and further major recording contracts. The Club collaborates with the rest of the neighbourhood, producing the annual Soho Live Jazz Week, a unique festival featuring iconic performance and hospitality venues, celebrating live music in Soho, complimenting the rich culture in the village and promoting London's creative square mile.

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Unknown member
Nov 15, 2023

Soho Live Music Club is transforming the Boulevard into a haven for music enthusiasts with their limited series. A gathering spot for soulful melodies, raw talent, and vibrant energy, this series promises an immersive experience for music lovers. And to increase the popularity of your songs, try increase audiomack plays .

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