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Dean Street Townhouse

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Soho Estates & Soho House Transform Historic Building into Modern Hotel.


This project was a conversion of an existing mixed-use building at 69-70 Dean Street. Over the years this building had been put to a variety of uses including nightclubs, restaurants, and retail. The building had become tired and although a fine example of a 19th century townhouse, the interior had been considerably altered from its original form.

Soho Estates, in co-operation with Soho House, converted the building into a 39 bedroom hotel with adjoining restaurant and bar. Through well thought out design and considerate construction methods the team successfully overcame the numerous challenges posed by developing listed buildings. The finished product is a fine example of Soho Estates’ continued desire to maintain the historic fabric of the neighbourhood’s buildings whilst transforming these properties into space that is relevant to the modern occupier.

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