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At Soho Estates, we are committed to operating our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We recognise the impact that real estate development can have on local communities and the planet, and we strive to minimise our negative impact while maximising the positive contributions we can make.

To achieve this goal, we prioritise sustainability at every stage of our operations. We seek out environmentally friendly building materials and construction practices, including energy-efficient designs, sustainable building certifications, and waste reduction strategies. We also work to promote green spaces and minimise our carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy sources and smart energy management systems where possible.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and partners that prioritise sustainability and environmental stewardship. We work with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that our developments are aligned with their needs and priorities and contribute positively to the surrounding environment. We also prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our operations, seeking to create inclusive and equitable communities that benefit all.

At Soho Estates, we believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility, but an opportunity to create a better future for ourselves and the planet. We are committed to ongoing learning and improvement in our sustainability practices, and we are dedicated to being a leader in sustainable real estate development.

Ilona Rose House

Soho Estates have evolved from property managers to property developers. Our latest flagship development, Ilona Rose House has achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating. The project brief for the build of Ilona Rose House was to be as efficient and sustainable as possible.  Energy-efficient design was used throughout.

There were a number of formal and informal sustainability targets and assessments considered which included Westminster’s own Plan, GLA’s London Plan, BREEAM, climate change, reduction carbon emissions, overheating & cooling and minimising water consumption.

The overriding mind-set was to be delivering the most effective design solutions through an intelligent, reliable, and innovative design process incorporating complementary technologies that worked well together to provide the maximum carbon savings and reduced energy costs.

Ilona Rose House incorporates the following technologies, Ground Source Heating and Cooling, and Photovoltaic Panels, to comply with the requirements to achieve CO2 emissions reduction for the site. These photovoltaic panels were incorporated into the roof design of Ilona Rose House. Within Ilona Rose House, there is also a heat recovery system and rainwater harvesting. Throughout the process, minimal waste occurred as most of the building was custom fit with little to zero waste.

Throughout the building process, Soho Estates improved the condition of the existing Manette street drains and allocation of power to the street where the site it.  Soho Estates also created a new extensive public realm space including the provision of a brand-new area, James Court. This provides visitors to Soho with important public dwell-space and a pedestrian-route into Soho. As part of the development, Soho Estates also built eight affordable housing flats and restored the façade of the Historic Grade 2 listed 12-13 Greek Street.

In future developments, Soho Estates endeavours to reduce the environmental impact of their building and contribute to the livelihood of Soho as much as possible.

Recently, planning permission and listed building consent has been granted by Westminster City Council for sensitive changes and repairs to the Grade 1 listed Chapel at The House of St Barnabas.

Coronation wood.jpg

Coronation Wood

In 2023, Soho Estates planted woodland containing 3,000 trees in private land in Surrey. This woodland serves as a carbon capture area to be named Coronation Wood.

Coronation wood.jpg
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