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Milk Beach to expand to Soho Estates’ new development, Ilona Rose House

Soho Estates’ Ilona Rose House boasts outstanding new shops and restaurants, along with new pedestrian walkways, public realm and roof terraces. Soho Estates are pleased to announce that they’ve welcomed new restaurant, Milk Beach to Ilona Rose House.

At this laidback restaurant near Queen’s Park, Milk Beach founder, Elliot Milne explained why he’s excited about his restaurant’s expansion.

Pictured: Milk Beach founder, Elliot Milne, pictured at Milk Beach, Queen's Park

Of this announcement, Milne said: ‘We wanted a unique offering when we decided to expand Milk Beach. I’d heard of Soho Estates through friends of ours in Soho who had always spoken very highly of them. When we were looking for a second site for Milk Beach, we wanted it to be unique. Ilona Rose House reflects the vibe of Milk Beach. Australian hospitality is about creating a relaxed and fun environment, with friendly, down to earth service. That’s what we strive to deliver at Milk Beach and that’s want we want to bring to Soho. The high ceilings, natural light and the outdoor courtyard of Ilona Rose House offers the perfect location which fits the Milk Beach vibe in every way.’

‘The Soho version of Milk Beach will be an evolution of what we do in Queens Park. The same relaxed atmosphere by day and lively by night, but we’re going to do completely new seasonal breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. We have a Robata grill in the kitchen in Soho, which will enable us to replicate the Australian barbecues, creating an outdoor dining experience as we grill barbecues, meats and fish. It’s a bigger venue, we will have an eight-metre-long bar with 65 bin all-natural wines and loads of outdoor seating.’

About why he chose Soho as a location, Milne further explained ‘Soho for me is like nowhere else in London, it has so much energy, so much excitement, there’s no place like it. It’s the go-to place to go out and meet people. We are keen to get involved in the community as much as possible. Milk Beach offers something different in Soho – we’re a neighbourhood restaurant at heart and will remain exactly that.’

The original Milk Beach is an Australian restaurant and bar located on Lonsdale Road mews in Queen’s Park, London. Milk Beach serves brunch all day and a menu of seasonal sharing plates in the evening - inspired by the diverse cultures that make up modern Australian cuisine. Milk Beach source specialty coffees from around the world that are traceable to the farm, and carefully roast them. Milk Beach sources organic and low intervention wines from independent winemakers whose stories they admire.

Pictured: Ilona Rose House at night. Photo credit: Jessica Carlye-Clarke.

Ilona Rose House contains high-quality office space, retail, restaurants, art gallery/art education use, a nightclub and eight apartments. It will also provide an entrance to three levels of extensive subterranean creative office and post-production space. Warner Bros has taken 30,000 square feet of this subterranean space for their London post-production facility.

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